The story goes back to the 2018 summertime. Yun-Jieh was an accountant in the hospital for 17 years. She was invited by a famous doctor to join his clinical business and thought it’s maybe a great idea, then quit the hospital.
Later on, they keep arguing on some specific details on tracking the spending and so many other trifles.
It figures that she only stayed there for 6 months.
While she stayed at home within 2 months and heard a selling Vietnamese restaurant from an old friend, the original restaurant’s owners only let Yun-Jieh consider buying it or not within 3…





Big Data in Smart Farming — A review

Sjaak Wolfert, Lan Ge, Cor Verdouw, Marc-Jeroen Bogaardt



此篇文獻回顧主旨在獲取大數據於智慧農業應用之最先進的洞見,並且識別出與之關聯並且需要被解決的社經難題,本作依循著一項為了分析所建立的概念性架構,該架構是可在未來研究中亦能被沿用的結構化方案,此篇資料顯示出大數據於智慧農業應用之研究構面已跳脫了初級農業 …

There were at least three times that I don’t know how to handle things. It’s like knowing anything details but the key. Sometimes what happens just upsets you. It’s normal in daily life.

However, we cried for those things for several times.

Well… I just want to shout out loud that I’m not the wrong one and I just don’t understand the key feature clearly because you never explain it before and leave me to deal with that.

But deep down in my mind, I know there must something I’ve done wrong.

That’s my NAIVE mindset. I thought that everything…

I went to my company’s headquarter to fulfill the entrance process today for my first job after graduating from the M.ISM program. I had the afternoon tea date with one of my university juniors, Holly, this afternoon without an advanced appointment.

She tells me that she is kind of in the state of typical youth confusion after quitting her first job in the Spring of this year. Her first job is as a sales assistant. Her company in the electric industry field in Taiwan deploys one human resource as two. And she doesn’t want this kind of unhealthy life anymore…


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