The story goes back to the 2018 summertime. Yun-Jieh was an accountant in the hospital for 17 years. She was invited by a famous doctor to join his clinical business and thought it’s maybe a great idea, then quit the hospital.
Later on, they keep arguing on some specific details on…





Big Data in Smart Farming — A review

Sjaak Wolfert, Lan Ge, Cor Verdouw, Marc-Jeroen Bogaardt


智慧農業是強調資訊用度及通訊科技在虛實整合的農場管理周期內之建設發展,新穎的技術諸如物聯網及雲端計算被期待提升此一建設發展並且引進更多機器人及人工智慧到農業這個 …

There were at least three times that I don’t know how to handle things. It’s like knowing anything details but the key. Sometimes what happens just upsets you. It’s normal in daily life.

However, we cried for those things for several times.

Well… I just want to shout out loud…

I went to my company’s headquarter to fulfill the entrance process today for my first job after graduating from the M.ISM program. I had the afternoon tea date with one of my university juniors, Holly, this afternoon without an advanced appointment.

She tells me that she is kind of in…


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