Discover My Naive Mindset

1 min readDec 6, 2017


There were at least three times that I don’t know how to handle things. It’s like knowing anything details but the key. Sometimes what happens just upsets you. It’s normal in daily life.

However, we cried for those things for several times.

Well… I just want to shout out loud that I’m not the wrong one and I just don’t understand the key feature clearly because you never explain it before and leave me to deal with that.

But deep down in my mind, I know there must something I’ve done wrong.

That’s my NAIVE mindset. I thought that everything could be done as I imagined. Obviously, it’s not.

I want myself to be better, stronger then I made up a enemy of illusion. It might be the others but I think that it blames on me. It’s my weakness.

It seems clearly that we shouldn’t do that but we did. Maybe we should all blame on bad memory? That’s how it does.

But I still want to do something to better the quality of my life and recover my child-like pride.

Therefore, stay calm and let’s read and write.




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